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Natural Home Remedies to Cure Yeast Infection

Natural Home Remedies to Treat and Cure Simple Ailments:
Pros of using Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

There are several benefits to use natural home remedies to treat a yeast infection including:

Natural home remedies to treat and cure yeast infections are usually mild, fresher and more clean for using
There are usually no side effects like most of the antifungals
Natural home remedies for yeast infection cost mush less and they work better than medicines
You have more control of your own health with less expenses on medications

Which are the best Natural Home Remedies for a skin, mouth, vaginal or infant yeast infection

Yogurt as a Natural Home Remedy for an Infection of Yeast

Yogurt is one of the most known way of fighting a yeast infection. It is so effective that even some doctors are recommending it for people that may have allergic reactions to some drugs. Yogart can be used in two ways by either applying directly on the yeast affected area or by drinking it as part of your diet.

Reasons for using yogurt to cure Yeast infection

Yogurt contains what you would call "useful bacteria" such as lactobacillus acidophilus. This bacteria ensures that your body flora or bacterial balance is maintained. Infact, when you have a yeast infection, this balance is usually destabilized and this leads to the overgrowth of Candida fungus which is the yeast infection.

It is good to include a cup of yogurt after your meals in the first week of treating your yeast infection or even two cups. You can have yogurt as plain, flavored, regular and drink it during breakfast or even when you are going to sleep at night.

You can in addition to drinking it, apply it directly on the affected area and more so the vagina infection. You can use a tampon applicator or a syringe (without the needle). Make sure the yogurt is plain flavored and has no sugar or colors.

Curing Yeast using Acidophilus and Probiotics

For people that may have lactose intolerance, they can buy acidophilus in tablets, liquid or capsules form as long as they have indicated that it contains non-dairy products. These you can apply on the affected area or even take them by mouth.

Garlic as a Natural Home Remedy for Treating Yeast Infection

Garlic has been used to treat bacterial and fungal infections for hundreds of years. Garlic has a very effective effect on Candida albicans which is what causes yeast infections. Garlic, just like yogurt is also either used in your diet or applied directly on the affected area. Yogurt and garlic are the two most preferred choices for yeast infection natural home remedies.

Always make sure that you use fresh garlic from the market. You can eat a piece o f garlic one a day or pound it and mix with water, then sieve the water and drink 3-4 spoons every 6 hours. You can actually mix the garlic water you have prepared with any juice that you like to make it more palatable.

You can apply garlic directly on the vagina using a fresh garlic clove wrapped in a gauze and then left in the vulva overnight, you will need to tie it and lubricate it with K-Y jelly or squeeze garlic oil drops on the vaginal wall.

Treating Yeast Infection Tea Tree Oil as a home remedy for

Tee tree oil is a very good and strong disinfectant which should be diluted if being applied directly on the skin. Women can add afew drops of the tea tree oil to a lukewarm bath water and sit on it for 10-20minutes at a time. If you feel any discomfort, rinse the area with lots of plain water until it cools off.

Tea Tree should never be taken orally and is only used for external application only.

Using Herbs yeast Infection home remedy

There are several herbs out there that can be used to treat a yeast infection along with other home remedies. Some can be used externally while others can be used in both externally and orally. The herbs that are known to have some anti-fungal properties include:

Pau-d'arco (Tabebuia)
Black Walnut

These can be taken alone or in combination. Buy them at your local natural foods market or at your favorite on-line store.

Read more on how other home remedies for treating candida yeast infection at home here: Treat Yeast Naturally.

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